Gamma GT levels increased (together with calories)

Patient: Dr.,I have concerns about Gamma GT level in my blood. Following is the evaluation of results (Gamma GT):07/2010 – 45 U/L (max. 70) – my weight: 75kg10/2013 – 123 U/L (max. 70) – my weight: 85kg11/2014 – 156 U/L (max. 70) – my weight: 92kgI’m 31 years old, 176cm tall, 88kg is my weight at this moment (I’ve swiched to healthy food consumption since end november 2014)I don’t drink much alcohol. May be 200g +/-50g of strong alcoholic drink (vodka, brandy, wisky, etc.) per year, a bottle wine (75cL) per year, and few bottles (250cL) beer or less per year (I don’t drink it anymore). So, I don’t think it is because of drinking.I’m a smoker. I never used any narcotic-drugs. I’ve never smoked drugs like marijuanna etc.What’s can the real reason of gamma-GT elevation be? Can use of chocolate and sweets (which I’ve also stopped) increase gamma-GT levels? And what can I do to rich the normal levels of gamma-GT. Weight loss?Thank you!P.S. My (bad) cholesterol is also increased from 127 to 183 mg/dL (instead of max. 190)

Symptoms: Headaches, overweight, stress, weakness