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Gasping for air during sleep

Patient: I am 35, recently medical results excellent withinThe normal ranges. Yesterday while sleeping i waked up grasping for air while i was swallowing saliva. This happend before maybe 3 months ago. I breath normally without gaps as my wife said but i snore. This happen around 1am and then went back to sleep I waked up around 6 feeling good but around 8 my head started to feel light. Is 12pm and i still feel like this. Should i be worried?


Doctor: This could be a isolated incident caused due to the tongue or epiglottis obstructing the airway during sleep. I would ad vise you to modify your lifestyle by exercise and weight control. If you still have these symptoms, then you may have to see an otolaryngologist for sleep studies.

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Guest: my husband does this all the time and I lay awake all night too waiting for him to take his next breath. I have heard that there are problems with the CPAP machines, is there anything that we can do naturally to help with his problem


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