Gastric bypass and diabetes

Patient: Hello, my name is Heather. i suffer from type 2 diabetes. i was first diagnosed with gestational when i was pregnant with my youngest child in 1995 after she was born it was gone until 2000 then it turned into type 2 diabetes. i have been in metformin for the last 11 the last 2 years I’ve been increased in doses to 1500 mills a day and no matter what i eat or how many times a day I eat my levels are still high I walk 7 days a week sometimes 3 times a day at least a mile a day. It just doesn’t seem to matter what I do my levels are still in the 150s to 200s  Ieven quit smoking almost 7 months ago after smoking for 28 years. I am 42 years old and scared to death I’m going to have a heart attack like my grand father and aunt who both died young. I am approximately 50 to 70 pounds over weight depending on who you ask . I have 2 beautiful daughters and a adorable granddaughter I would like to spend many years with and so I’m wondering about getting the gastric bypass done and how I go about getting lots of information on it and what you might think of this procedure when it comes to helping people with diabetes?

Doctor: Ased on the information you have provided, it seems gastric bypass surgery may be very beneficial to you. It would certa inly help you with gaining better control over your Diabetes. There is overwhelming evidence that persons who have undergone such procedures have reduced need for medications and have reduced their risk of developing heart disease. However, such a procedure is a last resort after all other weigh loss solutions have failed.There are several different procedures which can be performed to reduce stomach size and thus result in weight loss. Not all procedures are suitable for all candidates. You should also note that significant lifestyle changes are required once you have had gastric bypass procedure. This includes changes in your diet as well as  exercise routine. Cosmetic surgery may be required due to rapid weight loss which sometimes occurs after the procedure.To get a complete picture of the procedure and what it entails it would be best to speak with a surgeon who performs this procedure. He/she may then assess if you are a candidate for the procedure.

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