Gastric trouble,indigestion, headache and body pains.

Patient: Sir, I asked this question third time to you, unfortunately i did not get the answer. Any how, please read my question and please give answer. It is a request. I am an advocate and in practice since, 1981, now I am aged about 58 years. Everyday I am doing necessary exercises such as yoga and meditation. I was met with an accident two times during the years 1987 and 1990. In first accident I got fractures on my right elbow and left wrist some injuries on abdomen.In the second accident I have got fractures on my left and right knees, right ankle, Left wrist and right hand littile finger. Left toe.I was on bed for 7 months and taking some pain killers Now I am getting frequent stomach pain and went to the doctor. he said that it is only gastric trouble. I am having a bad habit of chewing the tobacco product called jarda with pan. Every day I am getting body pain, for which I am using pain killers. due to which I am getting gastric trouble,indigestion and motions are not free. In otherwise, I am mentally healthy and looking after my practice. Please, advice, the eating tobacco is the cause for the gastric pains or the pain killer tablets. .

Doctor: We do answer questions but due to an increase in the number of queries we receive, it takes time to go through all of th em. Answering your question, both tobacco and pain killer cause gastritis. Chewing tobacco is a concern because the chemical laden in the juice irritate the lining of the stomach and can cause formation of ulcers. These long standing ulcers may eventually develop into cancerous growths.Stopping the use of tobacco and the pain killers may help relieve the symptoms of gastric irritation. Also antacids and medication like H2 antagonists and proton pump inhibitors may aid in quicker recovery. If these measures are not helpful, then you may need an upper GI endoscopy to examine the mucosa of the stomach and also test for H. pylori infection.