Gastrocnemius and soleus tear

Patient: I have no health care coverage and need to know to treat gastrocnemius and soleus tear. I been trying to stay of it but with work i have know choice. I’ been taking ib prophine, ice my caulf and rapped it up. i been injured for 2 months.

Doctor: If you have a partial tear or complete rupture of the calf muscle then you will need relative rest for 4-12 weeks depend ing on the severity of the initial injury.  Initial treatment should consist of an ice pack. Some runners prefer to use a wet towel that has been in the fridge. You can use commercially availableice packs for focused pain relief. An anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen (“Motrin”, “Aleve”) will help to reduce the swelling; this should be taken with meals and never before running. It is recommended complete rest for 5 days for a mild calf strain and then a gradual increase in activities. Massaging the calf also helps to speed up recovery. View the calf Massager with four free rolling heads it’s particularly good at giving yourself a deep calf massage.