Gastrointestinal Problems and I am two months pregnant

Patient: I was diagnosed with H. Pylori before I was pregnant and this is my 4th pregnancy. I have noticed ever since I got pregnant that I am bloating every day and it just keeps getting worse. I am now 2 months but look like I am 6 months from top of the abdomen to the bottom. My top is very tight and hard and everything I eat makes me sick. I am very worried because I think there is something wrong. I am in a lot of pain in my upper stomach and I know it has to do with the h.pylori.

Doctor: Certainly, these signs and symptoms could have been caused by Gastritis Caused by H. pylori; On top of that, your pregna ncy might increase the severity of your gastric symptoms.I would suggest you to walk and avoid spicy and fatty foods, if your Ob Gyn after an assessment of your pregnancy gives you the OK, you might take medication for H pylori. In the meantime Lifestyle changes and over the counter antacids might help you with your symptoms. I wish you a prompt