Gave my infant toddler formula!

Patient: Okay I asked my sister in law if she could pick up my 7 week olds formula his dr. had prescribed him, I sent her a picture of the one it was and she accidentally got me the toddler one. The containers were the same color so I didn’t notice really after his 3rd bottle feed. I started to wonder why it smelled funny, and checked and realized she had got me the wrong one, will it hurt him?

Doctor: Hello,I understand your concern here , but rest assure that these are safe and it doesnt harm in any way as its a foo d supplement, just that the amount of calories differ in both depending on the toddler and 7 weeks olds metabolic requirement.You may buy one for 7 week old and can switch to it. Though it is advised that breast feed it the best feed for babies till 6 months…exclusive breast feeding only which provides for all nourishment a baby requires during this time. Even water is not required. i am surprised why the baby is not exclusively breast fed, but that apart , pertaining to your query, its not going to harm the child in any way.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards