Gave oral sex for first time, worried about STDs??

Patient: Hi, I gave oral sex to a guy friend for the first time (I am still a virgin and did not recieve oral or any other kind of sex). During this, his penis kept excreting a LOT of mucus that I kept having to spit out numerous times (so he obviously did not have a condom on). He claimed he didn’t have any STDs and I did not know if this was normal, but I felt uncomfortable so I stopped right there. However, it has been about 3-4 weeks now and I am getting slight liquid vaginal discharge everyday that leaves a damp area on my underwear and a sour type of smell that comes and goes. There is also some mucus production in my throat that will not go away (I don’t know if that is significant). I was a little worried so I looked up some information about STDs and a lot of the websites said a lot of STDs don’t even show symptoms. So I guess my questions are: 1. should i be worried? i mean, how common is it to get stds by giving someone oral sex? Or am I just being paranoid? 2. if so, i would like to get some tests done (there are no teen health clinics around my area)and i know std or sti screening is expensive so are there any specific tests i should ask for or should i have a complete std or sti screening done just to be safe?

Doctor: The type of vaginal discharge as described may be normal and not associated with any infection. Also the throat mucus se cretion do not seem to be significant (may be associated with the act of oral sex). Since STDs usually do not show symptoms, it is rather difficult to diagnose any such infection clinically, until it shows up. However, you may go for a complete STD screening to be safe.