Gender Dysphoria. Need guidance to start with HRT

Patient: Hi, Feeling uncomfortable with my gender since childhood. Facing social and family problems because of this. Opting for Sex reassignment from male to female. Need detailed guidance on how to start with HRT.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Firstly if you are facing a gender identity crisis and you wish to undergo a gender change , then its not as ea sy a process as you feel by just starting an HRT . It can lead to a lot of side effects which cannot be withdrawn. The gender change is not just hormonal but also phenotypical or bodily change as well which would be required with the help of plastic surgery and it shall cost you a lot of money too. Simply by taking oestrogen hormones will not make you a woman , in fact it would disfigure your body completely.nYou should first consult a psychologist and a counsellor and they would evaluate you for your gender preferences and then if results are positive then further a endocrinologist and plastic surgeon’s opinion would be required for a complete bodily transformation . Also it can take from 2-4 years completely or even more for achieving the change.You may discuss your options and take an informed decision.regards