General question

Patient: One of my relatives who lives overseas she wants to know what could be a kind of rash on her left buttock , very itchy. She said that she feels as a little bump, and is too itchi, so started spreading, and may last a week or two, she uses peroxide to clean the area, but is very incomfortable because it always comes out every three months the rash, and know why and how to stop this problem. She is very neat so you do not understand how or why suddenly she is suffering this kind of skin problem.My second friend, I am not sure she is about on her late 50’s she said that after she lost her job, she is feeling too stress. She starts feeling as if her face is like a little bit numbed same as when some one has a very dry skin. I apologize but I try to get close to her description that she gave me by phone. I want to help both of my friends. Could you please give me a response for both questions?3. My personal question, lastly I start noticing that on my both arms I’m getting like little bumps, if I am streesed I feel ss itchy if I scratched I notice that I get a little white mark, someone told me that is because lastly I am having too much worries and daily stress, I wonder if it is true. What is that white little spots and how can I rid off of it? Thank youMavi