General question on contraception

Patient: Hi, I have a question about contraception… Im 19 years old and me and my boyfriend have started..well tried to have sex twice now and to put it quite simply, we’ve failed. Both times, we’ve used a condom, but that seemed to be the problem..him and the ‘rubber’ would not go inside me no matter how hard we tried (it would just slip out). My boyfriend suggested unprotected sex and that i take a morning after pill..I don’t really know much about that so I said no, because really it just takes one mistake… I’ve just been reading up on the pill and what i’ve read suggests it’s safe. But if i were to go onto the pill, would we still have to use a condom? Because surely the pill wouldnt protect one from diseases? But what if were both virgins? Do we still have that risk factor or would sex without a condom be fine? If not, then i’m still left with the ‘rubber’ and him going in problem.. Any advice will be appreciated Thank you

Doctor: As an Emergency  contraceptive method , the morning after pill has its indications, is intended for occasional use, when n primary means of contraception fail. If you and your boyfriend are planning to have sex in a regular basis, this method should not be used. Also as you said, no contraceptive pill protect you from STDs, so I suggest that keep working    on the condom use technique or you can go to your PCP and ask for other contraceptive options that you might use.