Generalised aches , pains and stiffness

Patient: I have had long term (over 2 years) lethargy, body aching and low sex drive. doc has ruled out RA, although i did have several higher than normal CRP test. I am tired and aching mostly of a morning but can progress through to the day also. In the morning when i wake i feel liek my feet are broken they ache so much. I eat a healthy diet and i am not a gym junkie but fairly active

Doctor: You may be having symptoms of fibromyalgia which is characterised by generalised and wide spread aching and stiffness al ong with presence of tender points. You need to talk to your physician about this possibility and also rule out other factors like early onset osteoarthritis, poly myalgia rheumatica ( which usually has a high ESR) which can also lead to these symptoms. If this is indeed fibromylagia then the treatment would be patient education and starting an exercise program,posture management along with medication like amitryptaling and NSAIDS. All the best.