Generic Birth Control Pills

Patient: My doctor recently perscribed Ortho Tricyclen Lo for birth control and when I went to the pharmacy they gave me the generic, Tri Lo Sprintec. Is the generic as effective as the name brand? I am only 22 and definitely not ready to be pregnant so having an effective birth control is very important to me.

Doctor: I understand your concern about your generic medication. In my opinion, I don’t see a reason why this generic medication on would not work if used correctly but certainly it might be better to use a better brand, especially when talking about medication.The most important thing related to oral contraceptives is compliance to them. This type of medication is highly reliable if taken daily and at the same time of the day. However for the first month taking them, it is recommended to use backup methods such as female or male condoms. If you don’t feel comfortable with them, I will suggest you to finish your pills this month if you have already started and switch them to the other brand but don’t skip a day. I wish you the best.