Genital Bumps filled with puss under my shaft pubic hair.

Patient: Hi, i have this puss like white thing under where my hair grows on me penis shaft. I don’t know what it is, but i tried using products on it like a month ago, but it doesn’t help. Any ideas?

Symptoms: Bumps on penis with puss in it. Under my pubic hair.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The bumps near the hair line along the shaft of the penis could be a hair follicle infect ion, folliculitis as it is known. It may be due to bacterial infection that there is a pus-like discharge. Kindly see a dermatologist and get it examined. Do not use any medicines till then, keep the area dry, do not scratch or try to touch them. You may need a course of oral and local antibiotics. Avoid intercourse till it heals completely. Wear cotton, loose fitting undergarments. Avoid soaps and lotions or any cosmetic applications over the area.Hope this helpedRegarads