Genital issues and pain while urinating

Patient: Hi Doctor, I have sporadically some strange issues on my penis, from time to time it will hurt a little when urinating and following day or so it hurts to pull back foreskin, it also seems at that point like there are little cuts in the foreskin followed again with a white crust that forms on them… It just happened again now, no real events that happened that could have triggered it I think it just happens random then it heals and goes away again… Any advice would be greatly appreciated as it does start to make me a little worried right now.

Symptoms: Pain while urinating followed by pain in foreskin of penis followed by small cuts in foreskin

Doctor: Thank you for your question. What you are experiencing likely a condition called phimosis. Phimosis is a condition in wh ich the foreskin of the penis becomes narrowed. There is no exact cause for this phenomenon. When one is suffering from phimosis, there are at increased risk of developing infection of the glans penis called balanitis, as the inability to retract the foreskin creates a nidus for bacterial growth, and subsequent infection of the glans penis and even the urinary tract.These would account for the burning during urination, and inflammation of edges of the foreskin. The treatment of this requires evaluation by your doctor. If you do not have severe phimosis, you can be prescribed topical corticosteroid and antibiotic ointment to treat this. However, if this does not help, the next treatment will be to consult a urologist to consider surgical removal of the foreskin (circumcision). We recommend that you promptly have this examined. Be careful when retracting the foreskin beyond the glans penis, as it can obstruct the circulation of blood to it. This is a medical emergency and will require immediate treatment. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting