Genital Itching, with little red also itchy, spots on labia.

Patient: Hi….um…. so my question is a little embarrassing and for that i am sincerely sorry. for a little over a month now i have had severe itching around my vagina opening, as well as small (also insanely itchy!) spots between my labia and thighs. these red spots have gradually spread upward but have not reached my hip line. some helpful information might be that i am 21 years old, not overweight, active physically and sexually, obviously female, and often donate blood so i shouldn’t have any std’s. if possible i would like to get an over the counter remedy for this problem. thank you!!

Symptoms: ITCHING!!!!!! (often disturbs sleep)

Doctor: Hello, Thanks for your query on ATD.It appears that you are suffering from the fungal infection (ringworm).Kindly use Canesten cream with tab Zyrtec after consultations with your family physician.Always use precautions >Donating blood in no way prevent STDs.Hope it helped you!