Genital Spots on Tip of Penis

Patient: I have small places on the tip of my penis that concern me. (I am currently unable to get to the doctor.)The first time I noticed the bottom one was after I masturbated using a condom. The second one appeared a couple of weeks later.I have a history of dry skin & no STD’s.What could this be?

Symptoms: No itchiness, pain, no fever or other symptoms.

Doctor: Some sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may cause spots or ulcers on the male organ. Syphilis is one such disease. L esions of syphilis are called chancres. An STD panel is a battery of blood tests aiming to diagnose the STIs. Please get to a doctor as soon as possible, as delay may complicate diagnosis and treatment, resulting in increase in suffering. Sometimes skin problem may also cause spots anywhere on the body, including penis. Your family physician may refer you an appropriate specialist, if necessary.