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Genital warts and ‘spreading’ onto shaft

Patient: I’ve always used a condom, and am not promiscuous, but somehow it seems I have HPV/warts. They are on my groin area, not actually on my shaft. I am thinking this is because I’ve always used a condom? My question is: If I ever have unprotected sex, will these then spread onto my shaft? Hope that question makes sense.



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Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I am a little confused by the question. You are saying that you have Warts which has no t been treated? I would recommend that you get it treated. I cannot confirm that it is warts but I cannot say that it is not.Not using a condom now with an infected person will give you warts over the shaft if you do it enough times. There is always a chance of getting the infection. But it does not get transmitted all the time.For example, let us suppose that the chance of infection is 10 %. When you have unprotected intercourse you will get the disease 1 in 10 times.But I would still recommend you get treated and not try something that can be dangerous.Hope this helps. Please follow up for more information.

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Patient: HPV warts. The little bumps/cauliflower looking things. There aren’t many, and it isn’t very noticeable. My SO is aware. From my understanding, there is no ‘treatment’ for HPV, besides getting the warts frozen/removed which likely come back? Even then, it can still be transmitted right?
But for the sake of argument, let’s say this is for sure HPV. In your opinion, if I have unprotected sex with my SO, the warts can also begin to appear on the shaft?

Doctor: Thank you for the follow up.
I understand what you are asking much more clearly now. Warts is a manifestation of having an infection of HPV. HPV is not treatable and is present in more than half the people who have had intercourse.
People with HPV infection will have several outbreaks of the disease and some of these outbreaks can occur on the shaft in this case. Thus, there is a chance that your partner already has an HPV infection.
There are a few things to be wary of with HPV.
You might want to avoid the pain of warts
You will want to avoid getting cervical cancer in your partner by getting her regular Pap smears
It is a good idea to get treated for the warts if they are not going away by themselves.


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