Getting rid of a Double chin

Patient: Helo doctor i have a really serious problem my age is 34 and my weight is 58. i am married and have 3 kids i just had a caesarean for the first time on my fourth kid but unfortunately the baby was stillborn my weight appears to be normal .But i have a double chin and i tried some exercises for it but then my neck pains too much and i just have to look straight i will be really grateful to you if you suggest something to get rid of my double chin thanks my regards to the whole team keep up the good work

Doctor: This is a common question.Firstly, it is always a good idea to have a lifestyle of a healthy diet and frequent exercis e.  this becomes more important as we age and allows us to recover faster from those periods in life where your wight may rapidly change – pregnancy.If you do follow a healthy lifestyle and still have a double chin or other areas of focal excess weight or loose skin – unfortunately the only remedy for targeted weight loss is surgery.these surgeries would be considered cosmetic in nature and not covered by any government health plan.I hope that clarifies any doubts.