Gilr has a tampon in, boy has preejaculate, hand covering vagina, pregnancy?

Patient: If there was a guy and a girl and the girl had a tampon in and they were fooling around,?and the guy wanted to poke around a little probably having precum near her “back door”, having a tampon in, he just rubbed around a little bit and she had her hand over her vagina firmly. would there be a possibility of the precum getting her pregnant? where he didn’t go inside her but may have gone near the edge of where her hand was covering? (I know tampons aren’t birth controls)

Doctor: Thank you for your question. If there was no contact made with any pre-ejaculatory and your vaginal canal, then we do no t believe you should be concerned with becoming pregnant. Based on your description, the chances of become pregnant in this encounter is very low. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for consulting