Girlfriend thinks she is pregnant. Has irregular period

Patient: Hi, this question isn’t about me specifically but it is about my girlfriend. Her period is late and she is worried that she is pregnant. However, we have never had sex and the only sexual contact we have has been oral sex, and after I have finished we always wash our hands before anything else. Also she is almost always wearing pants when I finish. From everywhere I look there is almost no possible way she is pregnant and I would really like some backup on this one. Now I’ve come to my real question though. Her period is almost always irregular. It used to be every 5 weeks but now the last two times have been every 7 weeks and finally it has been 9 and a half weeks since her last period. She has been pretty stressed with school and she has been eating more due to the holidays. I’ve read that these could change a woman’s cycle but is that all thats causing it? What other health issues could be causing her period to be as irregular as it is?

Symptoms: Irregular period

Doctor: Hello,It appears from the history that her periods have been irregular and the duration between menses is increasing. It is to be understood that yes, stress per se is a biggest factor which can cause hormonal imbalances in adolescent age group causing the delays, but in her case it appears that as she is in holidays, still the periods have not resumed regularly indicating that there is probably a PCOS element.(polycycstic ovarian syndrome). This is characterized by oligomenorrhoea, hirsutism( excessive hair growth ) and polycystic ovaries on ultrasound pelvis. Also, increased weight gain and obesity can cause insulin resistance which can further contribute to the symptoms.It is thus suggested that she should visit her physician for a complete hormonal profile, HbA1C test and an ultrasound pelvis to rule out polycystic ovaries.I hope I have answered the query in detail,wishing you good health,regards