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Patient: My son has Globus Pharyngis. Is there a cure?

Symptoms: neck clicks, ear clicks, throat hurts, goes down his back, no energy, and wants to kill himself!!!!

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Globus pharyngitis is a condition in which the patient feels a persistent sensation of some thing causing obstruction in the throat but swallowing may be normal or mildly affected. The cause of Globus pharyngitis could be due to a medical condition or psycho-somatic. Depending on the cause will determine the course of treatment of this condition. Some medical causes of this condition include gastroesophageal reflux disease wherein stomach acids irritate the larynx resulting in such a sensation. Secondly, spasms of the laryngeal muscles can result in globus pharyngits.Globus pharyngitis can also be caused by anxiety, stress, or a psychological condition known as somatoform disorder. We recommend your child see a doctor to be examined for the possible causes of this condition and determine the course of treatment.Thank you for choosing

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