Glucosamin and vitamins mixing with whey protein?

Patient: I am a rock climber and have been taking glucosamine to help with the finger joints since they regularly get abuse. I also take vitamin c and a multivitamin daily. I recently bought some ‘whey protein’ for muscle growth, and was wondering if it would be okay to mix with these other pills.

Doctor: The Glucosamine is basically a safe substance derived from shellfish or corn, it has been studied since the 80’s, severa ral beneficial effects has been described and may be used in the treatment of: arthrosis (from age or from injuries), and osteoarthritis. The daily dose is around 1500 mgs. Has been described interactions with the following drugs: blood thinners, drugs to treat diabetes and chemotherapy drugs. You may keep taking your multivitamin, vitamin C and whey protein, which recommended daily intake is about 1 gr. of protein per pound of body weight .