Good day I’m a 18 yo girl. Has sex with my boyfriend

Patient: Good day.I’m a 18 y.o girl. Here’s my problem. I had my very first sex with my boyfriend last 3days ago. We used the withdrawal method but i didn’t think that we did it right. It is because he accidentally spilled the cum over my vulva. Yet we cleaned it up right away. Right now, I’m still worried if I’m pregnant or not for I still don’t want to have one. I just want to know if there’s possibility? And if ever, i was thinking of a natural abortion. What can you suggest? Thank you so much.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you are sure that the sperms were spilled on the vulva and not inside deep in the va gina, then the chances of pregnancy are very less or even nil, in fact. Yet, you can do a pregnancy test to rule out the possibilities of pregnancy on day 26 of the present cycle. There is nothing called a natural abortion. In case of a conception, you will have to see a gynecologist for an examination to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy and the doctor will do a termination with the best method possible.Hope this helped.Regards