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Good evening doctor, i think i have an ulcer of

Patient: Good evening doctor, i think i have an ulcer of some sort in my mouth can i send you a photo to confirm?



Good evening doctor, i thin...-1



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.I need a few more details fo r me to able to guide you. When did you first notice the swelling? Was it because of some injury? Is it painful? Do you have any history of previous STDs like herpes?The area that I can see indicates a recent ulcer, and the blood has clotted inside indicating that the ulcer has been there for the past few days. You need to consult your physician who can examine the lesion directly. Application of an ointment like Xytee ( Metronidazole ) gel will be helpful in relieving the ulcer pain. Please consult your physician and if required a systemic antibiotic prophylaxis can also be started till the ulcer settles down.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: Thank you for the prompt reply doctor
I have jus noticed it an hour ago as i was eating some sherbert lemon sweets ( which i dont much often)
It is not painful and i have never had any herpes or STD im 24

Patient: Could bonjela help maybe, until i see my doctor

Doctor: Hello,
If this is an acute ulcer it is likely to be from some recent irritation or a recent injury.
Yes, Bonjela will be helpful.
You can use it till you schedule an appointment with your physician, but kindly try to get the appointment soon, as it needs a physical examination too.
Hope this was helpful,


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