Good evening I was wondering I had unprotected sex on

Patient: Good evening. I was wondering. I had unprotected sex on Sunday 15th March and I took the morning after pill 2 hours after the incident. Because I was so paranoid on Thursday 19th March I went and got the copper IUD inserted but I have just found out to get the IUD taken out cost me a lot of money in the UAE which is where I will be moving to. If I get it removed this week is there a chance I can still become pregnant? I just wantIt out of me im not comfortable knowing something is inside of me been suffering with really bad cramps and the only reason I really got it was to avoid pregnancy. What’s your advice? Thank you so much for your time.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Since you have had a plan B on time and as well as got the copper T inserted in the ute rus, there is least chances of pregnancy. You can go ahead and remove the copper T after a week’s time. It will not lead to chances of pregnancy as the action is already done. In case you miss your next cycle, do a pregnancy test, however, the chances of pregnancy are almost nil.Hope this helped.Regards