Good morning doctor Pls, I had bad itching and burns

Patient: Good morning doctor.Pls, I had bad itching and burns on my vaginal walls or library minoria.its been bad that I do feel like it’s stimulation and when I patted it, tho hard, it led to bleeding. Was almost scared.Aside from that, I also have white discharge like cheese running down from my vaginal. I started using garlic (insertion into the vaginal) as a quick remedy.I had a strong abdominal pain and stomach ache yesterday. Went to get flagyl-oral over the counter. And it stopped.With the garlic, the outflow of discharge is no longer watery but come out like pieces of cheese in bit.As of last night, I did a garlic ginger wash on the labia minoriaPls what’s your advise to me as I am not financially strong for clinical reviews and examination.Thank you.

Doctor: Hello, thanks for your health query on ATD.It seems that you are having bacterial as well as yeast infection. Do not insert any veggie in your vagina. You may introduce new infection/ allergic reaction/ burns in your privates. My advice please consult your gynecologist as you may require antibiotics and other supportive treatments.Get well soon.