Good morning I’m 24 years old have been using oral

Patient: Good morningI’m 24 years old have been using oral contraceptives for a little over a year. I was told that I would gain weight. I’m currently weighing 100 lbs. I’ve been that way all my life and I struggle to gain. Can u help me with a birth control pill that will continue to balance my hermones but help me gain weight

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.There are no proven studies that contraceptive pills can lead to weight gain.So, to gain weight better to choose physiological methods like taking foods that can help in increasing weight.Taking protein rich foods like chicken, fish, boiled soybeans, peanuts, boiled eggs etc, adding butter, toast etc to diet, taking carbohydrates in the form of whole bread with jam, honey etc, fruits like banana, apples, pears, dry fruits etc and vegetables like potatoes, carrots, corns, peas etc, can help in increasing weight.Hope this helps.Take care.