Got genital sores from

Patient: I have been with my boyfriend for a month now. He hasn’t been with anyone else for over a year and the last time I slept with someone was a 2 months before we were together. He got a herpes outbreak and we didn’t know what it was so we had unprotected sex and I got sore a few days later. We are both confused about this because neither of us have ever had any signs of outbreaks before. How could this have happened? Did he give it to meOr did I give it to him?

Symptoms: Hsv, sores

Doctor: Thank you for question. Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It is a sexually transmitted infection which once contracted can remain dormant within the body for many years. In fact, many persons are living with the herpes simplex virus who do not know it. It is possible that you or your partner may have this virus. The only way to determine this is to consult a doctor and have blood testing performed to detect the presence of the herpes simplex virus. This outbreak at present needs to be treated with antiviral medication, so it is important that your partner promptly have this examined by a doctor to be treated.Thank you for consulting