Got my period, but early pregnancy symptoms.

Patient: So I have felt cramps for the past week and a half, breasts overly sensitive, and nauseous. I thought I was pregnant. But it seems I have gotten my period. I have never experience cramps that far ahead of my period, my breasts have never been sore before a period and I have not been so nauseous.I am wondering is it possible that I could be pregnant still?

Doctor: Cramps during periods are common, but is is not normal to experience them so far ahead. Sore breasts are similarly commo n, but not normal if excessively painful, as they may be, in your case. Cramps, sore breasts, nausea and headache are some of the symptoms experienced by some ladies before menstrual periods and may be part of the so called Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or PMS which is very much treatable. Please consult a gynecologist for evaluation and treatment, if required.