Got pregnant after Postinor, any effects on my baby

Patient: I took Postinor2 on 26 Nov after having unprotected sex, but having unprotected sex again on 03 Dec later. But I never took Postinor2 this time. I just done a pregnancy test and realized I was pregnant. So I am 100 percent sure the pregnancy happened on 03 Dec, a week after I took the Postinor2. I also took the 2nd dose of HPV prevention vaccine, Gardasil, 3 months ago. Will Postinor2 or Gardasil effect my baby?

Doctor: I can assure you that both postinor2 and gardasil will not effect your baby in any way. Usually gardasil is not recommen ded during pregnancy but since it has been 3 months since you’ve taken the vaccination, we can presume that there will be no adverse affects of the vaccine on the baby.