Grandad, age 94, obess with sexual feelings

Patient: My Grandad is 94 years of age. He stays in village, with servant and when get ill, he visit us or stay with family and when get well he goes back to visit.Recently, I caught him alone kissing girls on newspaper, which i saw first time in past 26 years.My family says that In past, he tried to attack/harass our family ladies, girls and maids in past, the reason family member avoid sitting with him or tell our ladies not to greet him or greet from distance. He never attack or harass his daughters, may be fear of that.Is it some kind of Sexual Hormonal Imbalances, which occurring in this old age OR is this just a bad nature of grand dad that of attacking women other then children? If it is medically unfit situation, what are suggestions?I have also heard from a few village men that my grandad, in this age, have no shame and they keep ladies away. But we do not care before, now when i saw him hugging newspaper with ladies from my eyes, i concerned. As i am more close to him.Physicaly, he is having problem in Prostate, Asthmic(Breathing Problems). Also his listening power is less.

Symptoms: Looking Family Ladies Back, Attacking Maids, Try to Clutch Maids, Kissing Girls on Newspapers. (Rest he does not live with us so can’t say)

Doctor: Your anxiety regarding your grand dad is understandable. Extra interest in women could be normal. However, the increase d indiscretion and other behaviors reported indicate his reducing cognition too. One of the possibilities to be entertained are related to brain degeneration like Alzheimer or other dementia. Ruling out such possibilities are very important. Please do consult your family physician.