GreAt toe on left foot skin toward inside is very

Patient: GreAt toe on left foot skin toward inside is very painful not swollen , feel like someone biting it and burning it with a lighter at same time . Going on for 1 month. Nw making leg go numb n tingle several times a day. Thnk it’s paranychia but doc told me might be ingrown toenail need advise

Symptoms: Painful , sting, bite sensation n bunting to skin around great toe

Doctor: Hi.The very history of burning sensation like with a lighter and long history of 1 month along with tingling and num bness in the leg is suggestive of the basic cause as to be either a neurological affection or vascular or both.The local problem at the toe is just a tip of iceberg.I would advise you to consult a General Surgeon or a vascular surgeon to get a full clinical evaluation and investigations for further treatment.You may please apply liquid povidone iodine locally and some antibiotic as may be advised by your Doctor but the basic treatment will be more than this as per the diagnosis.Hope this helps you.