Groin strain problem

Patient: Hello,I am 19 years old and play sport quite alot. I recently played soccer for 30 mins and it seemed like my groin popped so i believe it could of been a strain. I rested this 3 /4 weeks and the pain was gone so i started playing soccer and running again. The morning after soccer my groin felt no pain but was extremley stiff. Why is this?thanks

Symptoms: I did feel a popping pain and pain during movement. Now i dont feel pain but liked mentioned i feel a lot of stiffness in the groin.

Doctor: Hi,Thank you for your question.Based on the description, you could be suffering from the following:1. Labral Tear2. Muscle StrainA Labral tear is a tear in the ligament that covers the Hip joint. A tear in this ligament will cause a defect in movement of the Hip joint. There will be a popping sound when the Hip moves,A Labral tear occurs in soccer players because of the kicking motion. A Labral tear can cause osteoarthritis in future.You will need to contact a Doctor to get Image Scanning done to diagnose. After diagnosis, you can use NSAIDs like Ibuprofen to lessen the pain. Physical Therapy will also help to some extent.If medication and physiotherapy do not help, you will need to get surgery done to repair the Labral tear.