Growth problems.

Patient: Hi, am very depressed, and this seems to be a common problem now. I am reaching 20 years now, and i think i have undergone the primary stage of puberty, but not the secondary. My facial hair is very slow, grows noticeably once in 2 to 3 days after shaving. also my voice hasn’t cracked, causing severe day to day problems. I have put off consulting a doctor since 4 years, just listening to people telling me ‘It will happen be patient’. But now i cannot wait anymore, because i cannot be the odd one out in my class. The class is designed for grown men i suppose, so i feel insecure and inferior. Interacting with the teachers n students is hard. So having said this, i want to know about the different techniques available to improve the growth rate. I know every doctor says there is no way to do it, but there has to be a way. Can you take testosterone or choline? will it help, is it available for the public? Is there any type of a doctor i can consult? Everyday is hell, so Ill be frank with you. Please do not tell me what everybody says. I cannot and don’t want to wait anymore, i have aspirations n things to do. i cannot give a class speech or participate in many events. many people go by the looks and treat me like a kid, though mentally am an adult. so please tell me something i need to know bout any of the techniques or way to solve this. Sadly i started smoking 3 years ago, n now everybody also add that it is most probably because i wanted to show off and be like everybody else, but i have other reasons for that. I am well built actually, around 5 ft 10 inch and weigh 75kgs. am also trying to quit smoking and am under some medication, Bupron 150mg since 4 to 6 months. pls help