Patient: Hello I Recently gotten the IUD the ten year one. The first time my dr, inserted it it didnt past through my c-section scar so it had to be removed and placed in again . Now after that he gave me a 10 day antibiotic to make sure nothing gets infected. The second time it was inserted it was placed it was placed it right but, after about two months of having it I was starting to have some pain around my abdominal area where my c-section scar was . So I went back to my GYN and they took ultrasound and said my uterus was rejecting it so it had to be removed . okay fine so now im on a birth control pill for about two weeks now , I went to the bathroom and went to urinate and as im wiping I see dark brown discharge what could this be , my period does not come until the 27th-30th ? what could this be doc??