GYN Question – Post Uterine Biospy Symptoms

Patient: GYN Question.My OB/GYN attempted to do a uterine biopsy on Monday morning. My cervix would not open and the procedure was not completed.The medication that was applied ( it was a liquid paste that resembled the consistency and color of curry) is supposed to make any blood coagulate.Now, two full days later my vagina is very very dry, there is no moisture what so ever creating some minor pain and medium discomfort.Nothing has come out and it feels like I have cotton stuffed inside.The vaginal lining is coated with this dry substance that is stuck to the skin inside.Should this be a concern?I do not seem to have any other symptoms like fever. Just a little nausea and cramping.

Symptoms: Mild to medium cramping
light nausea but this started before the attempted uterine biopsy
no fever, dizziness, vomiting, sweating