Gynaceology assesement on ultrasound medical examination

Patient: My ultrasound findings report shows thus:UTERUS: The uterus is bulky in size,normal in outline and of homogenous myometrial echotexture.The endometrial cavity habours a well defined gestational sac with normal decidual reaction and a yolk sac.GSD = 62.6mmGA = 12 weeks 5 days +/-1weekEDD = 21th september,2015 +/-1weekfetal pole and heartbeat is seen at this timeADNEXEA : Both adnexae are within normal limitsPOD : No fluids seen in the PODIMPRESSION : An Ongoing gestation at 12 weeks 5 days +/-1 weekA REPEAT SCAN IN 4 WEEKS IS ADVISED.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Firstly, Congratulations on getting pregnant!About your reports, they are perfect, the gestational age corresponds perfectly with the uterus. Fetal heartbeat is normally noticed first around 12 weeks, and it is already present.So, the fetus is healthy and you have nothing to worry about.Hope this was helpful,Regards