Patient: Hello i have had gynecomastia for 9 years i have been to my gp but he just says for me to have counsiling ihave asked to be refered to a surgeon but he has said no i have enquired privately but th price is 3000 plus and i simply cant afford it i have been reserching a medication called gynexin on the internet it has had very good reviews and i was just wondering if you could give me and information about the condition or treatments many thanks daniel johns

Doctor: Gynecomastia is usually common in those who have a heavy weight. In these cases, it is often called pseudogynecomastia, meaning there is no actual enlargement of the breast glands but more of the accumulated fat on the breasts. In those individuals with a healthy weight and have gynecomastia, a hormone problem should be entertained. This can be called true gynecomastia as the hormone imbalance has an enlarging effect on the breast glands. I am confident that your GP has tried to consider the more common causes of gynecomastia and he should have his reasons why he does not want you to have surgery. In those who are heavy, losing weight is the most effective way of treating gynecomastia, since in the process of losing weight (and fat), the fat tissue on the breasts will decrease too. In those with true gynecomastia (hormone imbalance), medications are usually needed. I also researched gynexin. It has been on the market for several years now and there have been good reviews about it. I took the liberty of researching the effect of each of its ingredients. Gynexin contains chromium picolinate, sclareolides, proprietary gynexin blend, guggulsterones, theobromine cacao, green tea extract and caffeine. Both chromium picolinate and sclareolides are controversial. They are said to play a role in helping the body lose weight but several studies are conflicting; some studies observe a significant weight loss in test subjects, some don’t. However, they are still on the market as ingredients of weight loss supplements. Guggulsterone is a resin taken from a plant which decreases cholesterol (fat) production in the liver. This is also used in nutritional supplements. Theobromine effects to decrease the appetite; one side effect is nausea. Green tea extract increase a person’s heart rate hence, metabolism will be enhanced and weight loss ensues. Caffeine acts in a similar way. I would not know what a “proprietary gynexin blend” means. It is probably the company’s secret ingredient and I would not know how it affects the human body. I am really not convinced that these ingredients would have a specific effect on the breasts alone; the effects of these are increasing the body’s metabolism as a whole. The bottomline is, most (if not all) of these ingredients would result to weight loss. Yes, it will help decrease the breast mass but it will be secondary to the weight loss. I am neither encouraging nor discouraging you to buy Gynexin. With the facts and information I have given you, it is now up to you. Counselling will help an individual with gynecomastia in dealing with self-image. As far as i know, if it is a pseudogynecomastia (fat accumulation), surgery is the definitive treatment. However, eating habits and lifestyle modifications should also be integrated because there is no point taking out the enlarged breasts (due to fat) when the individual will gain back all the weight (and fat) after the surgery. In true gynecomastia though, medications are usually started and if it won’t be effective, surgery is another option. I do hope I have enlightened you somehow. Take care always.