Had a urinalysis due to suspected UTI

Patient: Had a urinalysis due to suspected UTI. I gave birth 5 weeks ago. Culture showed no bacteria growth over days but urinalysis showed elevated rbc, wbc, blood, and small amount of bilirubin in urine. I’m very concerned about bilirubin in urine. Could that be normal? Or related to recent childbirth?I’m on no medication currently but did take pain relievers in hospital after birth and Motrin and milk of magnesia when I came home. Haven’t taken anything in a month.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The presence of RBC, WBC and bilirubin in the urine sample indicates a possible cystit is and hemolysis of red blood cells due to possible compression of ureters or bladder during parturition which would have broken down into bilirubin. Also, cystitis causes bleeding in bladder and presents with RBC and WBC in urinalysis. This is seen in infection of the bladder and can be treated with antibiotics for a week.Hope this helps.Regards