Had  innumuophenotype test done

Patient: Hi DocI am a healthy 48 year old with 2 kids (12 and 14). I am a confirmed Coeliac. Currently undergoing IVF (donor eggs). Cycle 1 failed to implant so I had an innumophenotype test done which showed high levels of natural killer cells , natural killer Tcells and a high CD4:CD8 ratio of 2.4. What does this actuall mean 1) for my general health and 2) for the IVF process. Yours C

Doctor: Natural Killer (NK) cells are a type of cells of the immune system fight against body infections. Many fertility special ists are of the opinion that NK cells in the womb may be attacking the fetus as an invader. The immunophenotype tests are aimed at detecting high levels of NK cells. If high levels are detected treatment involves using drugs to suppress the action of these cells.These tests and treatments are based on claims that women who have repeated miscarriages or failed IVF had raised levels of NK cells in the blood. However, the research studies have not completely validated these claims. With regards to your general health, having high NK cell levels have no known significance. As you already have had 2 child births in the past, the value of doing these tests is highly suspect in my opinion. You may discuss the results with your reproductive endocrinologist in light of the above information for further guidance on this subject.