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Had an abortion one month ago Experienced nausea for weeks after was told. 

Patient: Had an abortion one month ago. Experienced nausea for weeks after was told it was just a uti took the meds and felt a little better. Has been one month now nauseated again and have weird symptoms like tons of neck shoulder pain, jaw pain, face pain under cheeks and the worst is noises sound so much louder. It is all so hard to handle I don’t have any life anymore always feel dizzy and weird.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of abortion one month ago – nausea for weeks – told UTI – took medicines but felt little better – now weird symptoms like neck shoulder pains – pains in jaw, under the cheeks, noises sound louder – always feel dizzy and weird – no life.After the re-reading your history, my thoughts:The causes can due to the sequel of the abortion causing hormonal changes or some close-cavity infection, not allowing the body to recover completely.I would advise in such a situation the following:- Tests of blood including WBC, blood culture and sensitivity, hormonal assay,- Test of urine: routine, microscopy, culture and sensitivity.- Ultrasonography of the whole abdomen.These tests will give preliminary idea and a plan for further tests if required.Treatment as per the clinical evaluation by a Doctor and the reports of investigations will guide for the best possible treatment.Gynecologist after clinical evaluation and examination will guide you further for any consultation with a Specialist if required.You will require regular follow ups and continuation of the treatment.I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.



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Patient: What’s a close cavity infection? You mean in a tooth? I’m confused and I have an appointment with my primary care tomorrow I’m scared he will just think it’s depression how do I get him to perform any tests and not blow me off

Doctor: Close cavity infection means infection like in the pelvic area, kidney ,liver and s on- this is just to tell you the examples may not be in your case.
Please do not be confused.
You have t tell your Primary Care Physician the problems that you have and if you have any fever or symptoms related to the urinary intestinal tract or pelvis.
I am sure after clinical evaluation and examination he would advise you some basic investigations. You may request or insist for the relevant tests as I have mentioned above. These tests are not always done for the confirmation of a particular thing, but also to rule out certain thing which is the process of coming to a certain diagnosis.
And if all the tests are negative he/she can certainly give you treatment for symptomatic relief.
I can understand your concerns related to the PCP’s probable thinking of depression, let me know your interaction with your PCP tomorrow and decide further course of actions.

Patient: Well he did a urine test and some blood tests not ultrasound and gave me anti depressants. I’m sure the blood test will be fine and I’ll be back at square one. He didn’t seem to want to hear about my symptoms besides nausea. It’s very frustrating I’m not a hypochondriac and never go to doctor but I know when something’s wrong with me.

Doctor: Well, this is something out of our control, we can wait for the reports.
If there is a chance you can have a second opinion of another Doctor and he/she may ask for an ultrasonography of the whole abdomen.


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