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Had an ultrasound done on a mass on my left

Patient: Had an ultrasound done on a mass on my left testicle.. cant get ahold of my dr so maybe you can tell me what it means.there is a mixed echogenicity mass seen in the left testicle. measuring 1.1× 0.6 × 0.4 cm. this shows mixed echogenicity with areas of increased and decreased echogenicity. the mass is exophytic infiltrate beyond the margin of the testicle. there is no evidence of testicular torsion. there is slight hyperemia around the mass. left epididymus is unremarkable.EDIT:my afp blood test results were 1.72 ng/ml and my lactate dehydrogenase results were 117



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Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Ultrasonography mass is definitely showing the signs of testicular tumor.There is a mi xed echogenicity mass seen in the left testicle.measuring 1.1× 0.6 × 0.4 cm.This shows mixed echogenicity with areas of increased and decreased echogenicity.The mass is exophytic infiltrate beyond the margin of the testicle.Slight hyperemia around the mass.Left epididymis is unremarkable.As per this report the commonest reason is a cancer of the testis.You may need to resend the blood investigations as they do not match the ultrasonography report.Additional MRI / CT scan of the scrotum, abdomen and chest is also warranted.What are the other tests that have been done.Please post the original reports in scanned form for me to study clearly.

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Patient: The only other test that was done was an HCG test but results have not been reported back yet. I’ve been watching the patient portal for updates from my urologist and will continue to watch. The results I posted were exactly what the patient portal reportssaid for the ultrasound. So my blood work isn’t matching what the ultrasound says. This is my second ultrasound. The first said it was a heterogeneous mass (not sure what that means either). Then this one said what I sent the first time.

Patient: so what if my doctor doesnt want to do the MRI/CT scan because the blood test results arent matching the ultrasound? im scared this will go undiagnosed and end up turning into something bad. what questions should i ask my doctor when we have a conference? what should be thr next step in getting this properly diagnosed? thank you!

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback. This means you are watching the reports on the patient portal,
Your first ultrasonography reported as heterogenous mass – Hetero means different types present at the same time.
When was the first ultrasound done?
And what is the opinion of your Urologist?
What are his reasons to wait ?
Your Urologist will definitely folow the international protocol common for all and may be a small difference as per his experience, availability of time and so many factors that are out of our jurisdiction.
Was there any history of trauma to the testicle?
With the report you have posted, you can directly ask you Doctor about his impression (opinion) and if he is operating, when is the right time. You have to ask direct questions without hesitation.
In fact when the reports are no matching, this is the reason for further tests and surgery at the earliest to know the tissue diagnosis.
Please keep me posted.

Patient: the first ultrasound was done three weeks ago (the one that stated the heterogeneous mass) and the second was done monday. my doctor still will not return my phone calls so i am not sure what is happening. i did get the hcg level back and it was

Doctor: Contact your Doctor and get an early appointment. Do not be very late.
What are the HCG levels ?
I hope, you have met your Urologist by this time ans a plan for further management is done.
Please give the feedback .


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