Had be having unprotected sex this month and had

Patient: Had be having unprotected sex this month and had sex on saturday my boyfriend finsh inside of me And monday had sex again and my period came on monday afternoon but I be sleepy and my breast be feeling sore and not feelin as good is there a chance im pregnant or no???

Doctor: Hello,If you have been sexually active during this whole month and recently on Saturday then this bleed on Monday w hich you have experienced can might as well be an implantation bleed if its not your usual menstrual period due date. It is advised that you should undertake a serum beta hCG test to rule out any pregnancy first. the presence of higher or raised hCG levels shall confirm pregnancy and those lower than 1 shall rule out pregnancy.If the levels are low and test is negative then the symptoms of sore breast, sleepiness, lassitude can be attributed to PMS symptoms which are likely to associated with onset of menses and can last till the menses stop or even for a week later.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards