Had bronchitis and strep 2 weeks ago

Patient: Had bronchitis and strep 2 weeks ago. Really bad coughing attacks took breathing treatments. Felt like pulled every muscle in my back from coughing so hard. But now 2 weeks later I’m still having pain under my breasts into my armpits when I cough, sneeze or try to do anything.Are these still pulled muscles and what can I do to get better?Heat pads and OTC pain relievers aren’t working.

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.This pain seems to be of Muscular in nature due to excessive coughingFor acute mu scular pain I advise following:1. Diclofenac and Thiocolchicoside combination which are act as pain killer and muscle relaxant.2. To do hot fomentation of the affected area.3. To apply gel containing Menthol, Diclofenac locally.4. To get physiotherapy done particularly Ultrasonic heat massage.Your pain should start getting better in 5 days. Share my opinion with your doctor before you act upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.