Had IVF and dropped something on my tummy

Patient: Hi I’ve just had ivf and by accident I dropped something on my tummy have I stopped it from workingThanks lisa

Doctor: I understand that the process of seeking fertility treatment is a long and painful one. Congratulations on reaching so f ar. I understand your anxiety about the success of the IVF program and your concern about accidentally hampering the outcome.The accident you have described should most likely not cause any adverse effects on you or the embryos placed in your womb. The possibilities of a failed IVF cycle or a miscarriage on account of blunt abdominal trauma of moderate to mild intensity seem quite low. However in case you experience any lower abdominal pain or spotting in the next few days it would be advisable to see your reproductive medicine specialist or your OBGYN doctor regarding the same.I wish all the very best to you on your journey to motherhood.