Had nosebleeds and experiencing running nose now.

Patient: Hi I messaged to you earlier also. I had four times small nose bleeds from November 2014, all small which dissappeared within 1 minuites and caontained within nose. The last one happened on31.12.14.In Dec first week I visited one ENT who checked inside nose and said that it is due to some blood vessel inside nose exposed and gave me allergic tablets. Even after taking that tablets, I had nose bleed once again in December.After that I went to another ENT who did nose endoscopy and found one bleeding spot inside nose. He gave me a cream and said that if it bleeds again he will cauterize it.After using that cream I had again bleed on 31.12.14 and again I went to that ENT. This time he done electro cauterization and told me it whould be fine.All the nose bleeds I had were minor and contained within 1 minuites and inside nose only. The new ENT told me that there is no need to visit him again for minor nose bleeds and if the bleeding last longer then only I should visit him. He will again cauterize it.He also told me the reason for nose bleed is one bleeding vessel is exposed inside my nose. He did not even gave me a moisturising cream.Now after that I had not have any nose bleeds. But feeling uncomfortable with my cauterized nose. Some thick and sticky white discharge is there from the nose(not very frequently) and some times feels the nose is watery. Have not any problem other than this. Not able to find any scrap with my naked eyes inside the nose.My concern is whether this is normal to have nose bleeds or white discharge after cauterization. Shall I take care myself(without visiting doctor) even if I have a nose bleed again(small)……How and what if the exposed vesel bleeds in between. I live in hong kong and from november temperature here decresed from 30 to 10-15 during winter…..I also used electronic heater in my home (some times only) during november and december but now stopped using that……

Symptoms: Runny nose

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.Frequent minor nosebleeds are common and need an examination. Since the doctors have reas sured you that it is nothing major, there is nothing more to worry. Only if you have continuous severe bleeding you will have to consult the doctor again.Extreme changes in weather, repeated allergies and nose picking are common causes.The discharge is common after cautery and it will stop in a while. In case it gets foul smelling and changes color then revisit your doctor again to rule out an infection. You may need a course of antibiotics if it is an infection. Meanwhile steam inhalator, steps to prevent allergy must be taken.Avoid nose picking if you have the habit of itHope this helpedRegards.