Had protected sex, period delayed

Patient: I am 17 yrs old and had sex for the first time feb 3rd. In total we had sex on 4 separate ocassions, two of those times twice in a row. We always used condoms and only water based lube. We are 100% sure we uses the condoms properly. My bf even pulled out while wearing the condom right before ejaculation to be extra cautious. We are certain we’re not pregnant but I was supposed to get my period on the 21st or 22nd but it still hasnt come. I have been experiencing breast soreness, slight cramps and tired legs for a few days now and these are the usual symptoms I get before and during my periods. I looked up on many forums if having protected sex can delay your period and many women said they had protected sex and took lewd tests that were negative but their periods were really late (weeks for some). If I am not pregnant which I’m sure I’m not, why is it late? Also, I have a cold and for the past week have been taking cough syrup and nasal decongestent still taking it.