Had sex April 12th it was about 11pm It was

Patient: Had sex April 12th it was about 11pm It was my last ovulation day he didn’t use a condom then again on April 16th. I had my period April 26th and last till the 30th now here we are in may and I haven’t had a period yet and I was due for my period may 24th but haven’t had it took a dollar tree test and it came out negative. Don’t want to go to the clinic yet and look dumb if it is false. Would it show up on a test yet or is it too soon? Its his kid right? Because I had sex may 5th but the guy couldn’t even get hard to have sex but he put it in and I mad him take it out but he didn’t nut or anything.

Doctor: Hello dear,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care.I can understand your concerns.As you said you had p eriod after sex in April than there is no chance of pregnancy with previous intercourse.If you missed your period after 5 may, the possibility of pregnancy with this interaction is there.In my opinion you should get your pregnancy test after 7 days of your missed period date to rule out pregnancy.Because in may 5th there was no penetrated sex than the chances of pregnancy are less.Hope it is useful, feel free to discuss more.Good luck.Regards