Had sex the day before coil was removed

Patient: I had ky copper coil removed on 12th june, my period was due on the 19th june and I am 4 da6s late.. we had sex 2 days before my coil removal, can I be pregnant?

Symptoms: Missed period, coil removal, nausea

Doctor: The copper coil acts by making the lining of the womb unreceptive for a baby to grow. This effect ceases immediately aft er the coil is removed.The likelihood of conceiving in your situation is low but possible. This is more so also because of the fact that in a woman with regular cycles the week before her expected periods is usually not a fertile time. However as you have missed your periods, the best alternative at present is to do a urine pregnancy test to know if you are pregnant or not.

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Patient: Thankyou, I was worried as my perids are always every 28days for 8days and as I was late I wondered if it could of been the coil removal or pregnancy. I’ve taken a test every day since my 1st missed day, now 8days late and all negative